Poseidon Brewing Company

5777 Olivas Park Dr q
Ventura CA 93003
(805) 477-0239
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About Poseidon Brewing Company

About Poseidon Brewing Co.


Poseidon Brewing Co. was founded in August 2014, it has become one “sea-riously” popular watering hole. ​Why? It’s not just because of our carefully crafted, high-quality beers. We’re growing because of what our modest brew house has come to represent in the Ventura County community. In a short of amount of time, our brewery—and the beer and crew that backs it—has evolved into a noteworthy presence in our area’s commercial craft-brewery industry.

A seven-barrel brewery, our busy venture has served nearly 50 different beers since the first well-balanced lineup of tastes were poured from their Poseidon taps. Full-bodied and smooth, each brew boasts a unique, carefully scrutinized recipe. You’ll find we feature high-quality ingredients, everything from the best hops and yeast we can find to unique flavorings that come straight from local orchards and farms.


Wed Jul 6 2022
| by Quizmaster MA P

It was a dog filled Wednesday at Poseidon. The beer was pouring the and the cuteness was flowing. A couple teams were click happy with the double or nothing button tonight. League play is back and Withkey Bithnith is ready to claim another League Champion title.

Brews, dogs and trivia - what more could you want!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 21472 Withkey Bithnith 69 7 1.000
2 It hurts when I pee 57 6 0.857
3 28870 Titanic Swim Team 47 5 0.714
4 73133 Cattle Dog(s) 43 4 0.571
5 34312 Nerd Alert 40 3 0.429
6 33618 The Fighting Mongooses 31 2 0.286
7 73146 Grunion run 23 1 0.143
8 19772 That's What I Meant 14 0 0.000
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