Poseidon Brewing Company

5777 Olivas Park Dr q
Ventura CA 93003
(805) 477-0239
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About Poseidon Brewing Company

About Poseidon Brewing Co.


Poseidon Brewing Co. was founded in August 2014, it has become one “sea-riously” popular watering hole. ​Why? It’s not just because of our carefully crafted, high-quality beers. We’re growing because of what our modest brew house has come to represent in the Ventura County community. In a short of amount of time, our brewery—and the beer and crew that backs it—has evolved into a noteworthy presence in our area’s commercial craft-brewery industry.

A seven-barrel brewery, our busy venture has served nearly 50 different beers since the first well-balanced lineup of tastes were poured from their Poseidon taps. Full-bodied and smooth, each brew boasts a unique, carefully scrutinized recipe. You’ll find we feature high-quality ingredients, everything from the best hops and yeast we can find to unique flavorings that come straight from local orchards and farms.


Wed Aug 31 2022
| by Quizmaster Lamar MiLes

A full and festive crowd assembled at Poseidon Brewing Wednesday night. Quizmaster Lamar would like the thank the Poseidon family and all the players and teams for making his birthday a special night, doing what he Loves (hosting King Trivia)! Flying Chanclas registered 59 points for first place, while team Hopful took second and Logjammin' grabbed the third spot. Join us every Wednesday at 7 for more trivial adventures at the finest nautical themed brewery in the land! And Happy Birthday to aLL the Virgos! ♍️

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 29789 Flying Chanclas 59 8 1.000
2 77038 The Hopful 54 7 0.875
3 77039 Logjammin’ 52 6 0.750
4 21472 Withkey Bithnith 50 5 0.625
5 Dynamic Quatro 31 4 0.500
6 The five of us 28 3 0.375
7 The Pickle Ballers 27 2 0.250
8 Late to the Party 16 1 0.125
9 77076 Kdawg 14 0 0.000
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