Prince O' Whales

335 Culver Blvd
Playa del Rey CA 90293


Mon Jul 24 2023
| by Quizmaster Clint Tauscher

There's something to be said for biding your time. For the first six rounds of tonight's fiercely contested braniac battle, the scoreboard positions of our teams remained unchanged - with perennial powerhouses A Tribe Called Quiz in the lead. It seemed that The Grateful Dead Kennedys would have to settle for third - still an impressive feat for any team, let alone one comprised of a single member! But this wise woman wasn't done being impressive: thanks to her knowledge of Greek deities, she pulled off that most rare of rarities, a successfully doubled final round!!! With that, she leapfrogged Elixir bunghole, landing in second, and doubling her prize money!

What's that you say? "All I heard was 'prize money!'" That's right: every week, our top three teams get cold, hard cash!* Which makes Prince O' Whales the Place to Play in Playa del Rey! And the place you need to be, every Monday at 8pm!

* cash may be neither cold nor hard

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 91545 A Tribe Called Quiz 61 4 1.000
2 97095 The Grateful Dead Kennedys 57 3 0.750
3 90537 Elixir bunghole 53 2 0.500
4 103484 Skull & Cross-Eyes 39 1 0.250
5 Sheesh 32 0 0.000