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    Rasselbock Kitchen & Beer Garden

    4020 Atlantic Ave
    Long Beach CA 90807
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    About Rasselbock Kitchen & Beer Garden

    We are striving to bring the best in fresh & authentic German cuisine to Long Beach. Our menu includes various versions of schnitzel, sausages, Bavarian pretzels and of course our famous apple strudel.

    It also includes multiple vegetarian & vegan options and kid-friendly dishes.

    Rasselbock, Kitchen & Beer Garden is located in Bixby Knolls, a beautiful neighborhood just 10 min from Downtown Long Beach.

    We have a parking lot with over 40 spots behind the restaurant and free parking on Atlantic Ave for 2h. Rasselbock is a German restaurant and pub specializing in German food with a modern twist and freshly tapped German and Belgian beers since we opened in 2016. Featuring over 35 German and Belgian beers, homemade sangrias and a great selection of German and Californian Wines.



    Wed Jul 17 2019
    | by Quizmaster Matt Gwin

    No team ever led by more than 3 points this week in a close match at Rasselbock. Twas a big night, with 15 teams participating. No doubles in the first two rounds left the scores fairly even early in the game. 8(!) teams doubled in an unusually easy round three, however, creating a level of separation. Drink Coffee at the Merchant, who did not double that round, made up for it with the only double in round 5. That gave them the largest lead of the night, at just three points, which they were able to barely hang onto.

    The final round was naming the top coffee-exporting countries, and Drink Coffee at the Merchant was almost disqualified due to the oft-forgotten "if you have 'coffee' in your team name and you can't get 2/3 of the questions right in a coffee round, you lose" rule, but a merciful judgement allowed them to claim their title. Giddy Up gained ground on the question, but couldn't quite overcome the deficit. Area 51 miraculously was successful on a hail mary double-or-nothing in round 7, which catapulted them from 9th to 3rd to round out the podium.

    Area 51 also won the drinking round.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 14799 Drink Coffee at the Merchant 62 14 1.000
    2 17722 Giddy Up 60 13 0.929
    3 13300 Area 51 57 12 0.857
    4 17950 Stretchpants! 55 11 0.786
    5 13045 Marshall's Minions 53 10 0.714
    6 21337 Cute snoots to boot 49 9 0.643
    7 Prius Posse 45 8 0.571
    8 Well in Doubt 44 7 0.500
    9 KTL 43 6 0.429
    10 21327 $5footlong 41 5 0.357
    11 17105 Trio 39 4 0.286
    12 21336 Team Treat Yo’ self! 37 3 0.214
    13 Scott's Tots 32 2 0.143
    14 Prestige Worldwide 27 1 0.071
    15 Manel 7 0 0.000