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    About Rasselbock L.A. Kitchen & Beer Garden

    We are striving to bring the best in fresh & authentic German cuisine to Los Angeles. Our menu includes various versions of schnitzel, sausages, Bavarian pretzels and of course our famous apple strudel.

    It also includes multiple vegetarian & vegan options and kid-friendly dishes.

    Rasselbock is a German restaurant and pub specializing in German food with a modern twist and freshly tapped German and Belgian beers. Featuring over 35 German and Belgian beers, a great selection of Haus Cocktails, and German and Californian Wines.

    Rasselbock, Kitchen & Beer Garden is located in the beautiful Mar Vista neighborhood in Los Angeles. This new location is just 10 min from the famous Venice Beach.


    Tue Jul 23 2019
    | by Quizmaster Adam Korenman

    Rasselbock has long been known for its delicious food, wide selection of beers, and an incredible staff. After this past Tuesday night, it will be known as an Arena of Champions. A gridiron for the toughest trivia teams in the league.

    We had us a good, old fashioned barn burner!

    Nine teams entered, ranging from a single man throwing back beers and throwing out knowledge all the way to a six-person dream team of trivia veterans. Returning champions Anustart and Crosson's Angels felt the pressure, but they'd come to win.

    Round after round, the scores flew up and down like a roller-coaster. Dream team Summer Shandy took a commanding lead early on, but cautious play chipped away at that gap until suddenly they had teams nipping at their heels.

    A brief respite after Round 3 earned newcomers (and Phd holders) Rowdy Roommates the coveted Appetizer Tray. Armed with carbs and a sense of victory, they chose to double down in later rounds and make up a huge deficit.

    After six rounds, it was anyone's game. Summer Shandy scored a perfect 10, but chose not to double down out of fear of losing their edge. With Rowdy and Anustart doubled up, the scores quickly closed to a single-point-game. It would all come down to the final round!

    It appears they just don't teach the ages of the Presidents in school anymore, as every team had trouble coming up with more than a few names. This led to a first at Rasselbock: A TIE BREAKER ROUND!

    Rowdy Roommates and Summer Shandy, locked at 54 points, walked to the front of the room for the final question. They took their time, preparing the best guesses they could muster, and let fly with their answers.

    Both were off by nearly 100.

    But the closest answer came from Rowdy Roommates, earning them an extra point and the grand victory! The entire room erupted into applause. Beers were raised, friendships were formed, and brutal rivalries continued.

    Come on down to Rasselbock, where every Tuesday night is Trivia Night!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1* Rowdy Roommates 55 8 1.000
    2 Summer Shandy 54 7 0.875
    3 20153 Anustart 50 6 0.750
    4 Odd Olives 42 5 0.625
    5 20842 Crosson's Angels 30 4 0.500
    6 JJ 28 3 0.375
    7 Bounce Dat 22 2 0.250
    8 Like Father Like Daughter 8 1 0.125
    9 Wombat Nap 5 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker