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Staunton VA 24401
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Tue Jul 6 2021
| by Quizmaster Dexter Underwood

"The score is wrong!", "Bring back the stock symbols!", "I like your haircut!", were just a few of the phrases teams were shouting last night during our exciting game of trivia. 

The score was in fact correct, I really wish Banjo-Kazooie had come out on the Nintendo instead of the Nintendo 64. It would have saved me a few years of waiting for that gem.

Maybe the stock symbol matching will come back but that would murder the beauty of having a versatile team that pulls knowledge from every corner of the universe.

Thanks, I kinda dig my haircut also!

We had a wonderful time last night, it was possibly one of the greatest nights of trivia at Redbeard. The room was full of laughter, love, and refreshing beverages. 

Teams were overwhelmed with feelings of abandonment when faced with Round 2 O Canada. Even with the recent changes to some Virginian laws, teams still couldn't decipher Tommy Chong from The Most Interesting Man In The World. Let's not even get started on the famous Hockey players. 

Round 3, I Pity The Fu, revived a deep sense of understanding of the old ways that according to one of the ancestry websites links my DNA to some of the greatest Kung-Fu masters. Teams either judy chopped through this one or recieved a swift kick to the rear.

Round 7, Put on Your Thinking 'App, had me wondering what most of these teams were downloading onto phones. I will save you the trauma that I have endured.

Throughout most of the night Your Analysis held the lead with teams !, Redbeard Irregulars, and Golden Oldies trailing by only a few. However, It was clear that Your Analysis wanted to earn our Big Brain Trophy once again. 

At the end, The Golden Oldies took second place, Trailing Your Analysis by almost a full round worth of points. Regardless of who placed where, It was clear, we all were leaving as winners after such a fun time! 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 27960 Your analysis 60 8 1.000
2 28602 Golden Oldies 52 7 0.875
3 27958 Redbeard Irregulars 45 6 0.750
4 28948 Cheers Bitches 33 4 0.563
4 27962 ! 33 4 0.563
6 28949 I don't care 29 3 0.375
7 27961 Jukebox Heroes 22 2 0.250
8 28268 Creative Casuals 19 1 0.125
9 28950 Armadillo 15 0 0.000
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