Redbeard Brewing Company

120 S Lewis St
Staunton VA 24401
(540) 430-3532


Tue Jul 20 2021
| by Quizmaster Dexter Underwood

Trivia was an absolute blast! The night started a little slow while we helped sign up a few new teams. It quickly picked up as soon as the first round started.

Teams were eager to win one of the Big Brain Trophies as well as the Golden Stars. Thankfully, we had enough stars for everyone! "You get a star, you get a star, everyone gets a star!" (thanks Oprah).

The picture round was an absolute hit! I'd have to say we enjoyed every round. The final round "Golden Recievers" was the only round teams struggled with. Sean White seemed to be a favorite answer regardless of how wrong it was.

As much as I want to shout out questions, I have hit a writers block, so i'll just say nice things about teams.

The Redbeard Irregulars and Jukebox Heroes came out strong in the first 3 rounds but somehow The Lost Colony came from behind to take the lead at the last moment. 

I love how The Last Colony refers to Roanoke, where most members were from. So clever.

Even though The Redbeard Irregulars were second place they still held first for favorite hecklers. 

Thanks again to all teams for such a wonderful night!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 29710 The Lost Colony 51 9 1.000
2 27958 Redbeard Irregulars 50 8 0.889
3 27962 ! 49 7 0.778
4 29718 Dukes of Harme 48 6 0.667
5 29703 Weakest Link 47 5 0.556
6 29701 Noble Team 44 4 0.444
8 29706 Aussie Oi 36 1 0.167
8 29306 Jukebox Heroes 36 1 0.167
10 29713 Happy Pigs 27 0 0.000
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