Redbeard Brewing Company

120 S Lewis St
Staunton VA 24401
(540) 430-3532


Tue Aug 3 2021
| by Quizmaster Dexter Underwood

Another great night of trivia at Redbeard!

Teams bounced around in the standings after each round.

The double or nothing helped and hindered. 

a few teams mentioned that with their doctors combined they had figured out Round 6 "What's Up Doc?"

Round 7 "Brit Pop" was a crowd favorite. Of course we had to Spice up the night with a Spice Girls song. 

A few of my honorable mentions go to the answers for the members of One Direction: Sean Connery, Nigel Thornberry, James (from James And The Giant Peach), Liam Neeson, and Chris Hemsworth.

What a band that would be.

At the end of the night Your Analysis took the lead and the Big Brain Trophy. Golden Oldies took home second place and a Golden Coaster. We aslo handed out Glow In The Dark Stars to all particiants. How nice...

Thanks again for a wonderful night full of questions, brews, and tons of laughter.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 27960 Your analysis 64 5 1.000
2 28602 Golden Oldies 56 4 0.800
3 27958 Redbeard Irregulars 55 3 0.600
4 27962 ! 48 1 0.300
4 30617 The rest of y'all suck 48 1 0.300
6 29306 Jukebox Heroes 21 0 0.000
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