Rescue Brewing Company

167 N 2nd Ave
Upland CA 91786
(909) 536-2739
  • Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About Rescue Brewing Company

We chose this location in Historic Downtown Upland because it is the heart of Upland. Our goal is to create a space that is family oriented and a place the community can come together by having a relaxing time tasting our specialty craft beers as well as strolling the shops of our neighboring retails stores. Our mission is to give back to our giving a portion of our proceeds from special events, merchandise and beer sales to our local heroes....Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, local Charities and Animal Rescues.



Wed Jan 3 2018
| by Quizmaster Nate Meckes

First Trivia show of the New Year at Rescue Brewing. Had some new faces show up and take 3rd place. Had some old faces, I mean, some regulars take first and second place as well.

I was tempted to do the Best WWE promo cut for the drinking round, but chickened out. Mostly, there was no way to put a video up in this section, otherwise that may have been the greatest thing you can imagine happening for a drinking round.

As always, it's a blast to be at Rescue on a Wednesday night. See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10902 My Big Toe 55 11 1.000
2 10340 Beer Me, Bitch 48 10 0.909
3 Where's Lady Di? 47 9 0.818
4 Lady Boner 45 8 0.727
5 10032 Jury of Your Beers 37 7 0.636
6 Children of the Cornbread 36 6 0.545
7 Alexa 34 5 0.455
8 Beer for a Year 31 4 0.364
9 10825 Sweet and Sour 25 3 0.273
10 Sailor Scouts 11 1 0.136
10 13333 Why not? 11 1 0.136
12 Wrong Answers 6 0 0.000