Robin Hood British Pub

13640 Burbank Blvd.
Sherman Oaks CA 91401
(818) 994-6045
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
About Robin Hood British Pub

Authentically British from the “draught” beers to the darts (not machines, but real darts and dartboards), to the homemade pink-and-yellow-checkered, marzipan-wrapped Battenburg cake that accompanies afternoon tea, Robin Hood British Pub has been a Valley home-away-from-home for relocated Brits for nearly 30 years. It has also been a faithful stand-in as a mini-visit to London for local Anglophiles craving homemade chicken curry pie or true fish ‘n chips.

Londoners Michael and Lorraine Williams began Robin Hood 30 years ago when they bought a run-down beer bar in Sherman Oaks and converted it into a casual place for brews and burgers. After a few years, they added British comfort foods to the menu and began making their own tartar sauce (it’s been getting rave reviews ever since) to accompany the house favorite, fish ‘n chips. Michael, a former pub professional in England, brought in classic draft British beers. An appreciative clientele took root and has been evolving ever since; newcomers and regulars, British and American, unite at Robin Hood in their love of good British food, drink, and camaraderie.



Tue Apr 16 2019
| by Quizmaster Mark Youngs

Great Game in a packed house tonight. The High Tops and Human Targets doubled out of the gate, while Mental Floss and Here for the Beer successfully doubled the 2nd, and all four teams were off to the races. The four teams were neck and neck through rd 4.

Round 5 saw some separation, as Floss and Beer successfully doubled, staying in a dead heat. Target and Tops matched each other , but would have to work to bridge the gap. Meanwhile, plodding along like the tortoise, Knights Who Say Ni slid up on the outside.

Round 6 put the brakes on everyone , as Floss and Tops scored zeros, while Beer and Targets managed 2 & 3, respectively. Knights lost the chance to make headway with only a single point.

Round 7 saw many successful doubles. Of our five contenders Tops, Targets, and Knights were all successful. Floss and Beer did not attempt doubles, but both scored 8s in the round to keep their positions.

All things being equal in the last round, Beers 2 and Floss's 0 in rd 6 was the difference, giving Beers the win. Same story with Targets (3) and Tops (0), leaving Tops a nose short for 3rd place. Knights lack of giddyup in rd 6 also brought them up short.

1=Beers, 2=Floss, 3=Targets. Congrats to Here for the Beer!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10775 Here For The Beer 66 15 1.000
2 16371 Mental Floss 64 14 0.933
3 10350 The Human Targets 63 13 0.867
4 10021 The High Tops 60 12 0.800
5 10641 The Knights Who Say Ni 57 11 0.733
6 12587 Trivial Exoneration 54 10 0.667
7 10182 La Triviata 52 9 0.600
8 19353 Brits and Twits 46 8 0.533
9 Babies in the Corner 45 7 0.467
10 19344 Forced into the League 44 6 0.400
11 11258 Tracie's Crew 42 4 0.300
11 19340 Beers All Around 42 4 0.300
13 Salty Nut 40 3 0.200
14 Roonil Wazlib 35 1 0.100
14 19343 Team Loughlin 35 1 0.100
16 Team #1 Dana 26 0 0.000