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Mon Jun 18 2018
| by Quizmaster Scott Schwartz

You know what I call 50% growth week on week in competing teams? A growing trivia night juggernaut on Mondays at Rocco's in Culver City.

You know the old adage -- sometimes how you finish a game, even if you don't can spark momentum leading into the next? Well...something was sparked last Monday, June 11th. After a couple of weeks finishing out of first (but never out of the money)Mr. T Says Curling is Cool...Fool! nailed all 10 Olympic decathlon events, successfully doubled and pulled themselves into a 3rd place finish. They finished that game on first, and carried that into Monday night. A quiet, but solid round led to getting 31 of the next 35 questions correct - and a championship night without the use of a single double or nothing. Impressive.

Also happening on Mondays at Rocco's? A budding trivia rivaly, as rolling into second was perennial contenders Itty Bitty Ditty. Now we just need Paddington Kills to resurface and our trio of trivia world beaters can have a cage match for the ages next Monday.

Not to be denied is Area 51 -- our longest distance traveling team, did not miss out on Round 1 this time, and found themselves the proud owners of 20 Rocco's bucks.

Last minute shouts to Silver Bottoms. Joining in round 4 once they discovered you had to play to be eligible for the free round of drinks, what start as half-hearted involvement for a beer became full focus, and nearly found their way to a 5th place finish... also impressive.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13805 Mr. T says: Curling is cool... FOOL! 81 8 1.000
2 14520 Itty bitty ditty committee 66 7 0.875
3 13300 Area 51 48 6 0.750
4 14994 Sad Rockets 40 5 0.625
5 Scuba Squad 31 4 0.500
6 YAY! Toast 26 3 0.375
7 Silver Bottoms 25 2 0.250
8 15232 Alex Birthday Squad 12 1 0.125
9 Applesauce Team 5 0 0.000