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Mon Mar 9 2020
| by Quizmaster Mike Bauman

What could be better than the daily free social media question provided by King Trivia? A second freebie when your ding-dong of a quizmaster accidentally reads an answer as part of a question. You're welcome.

Fire Rob Manfred certainly didn't need the assistance of me reading "Puyi was the last person to hold what title in China?" as "Puyi was the last emperor of China. Um. Oops." They successfully doubled in the first three rounds and never looked back.

Fuck, I Don't Know used a strong Round 5 (which I mistakenly announced as Round 7) to pull away from the competition on the way to a second place finish.

Painted Taints were the only team to score 10 points in the Guess Who? round. No other team scored better than 4 points. And I'm sure they weren't distracted when I dropped my Round 6 handouts on the floor.

I hope you'll all join us next Monday for another fun evening of King Trivia when maybe I'll inadvertently eat the microphone.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 24774 Fire Rob Manfred 66 8 1.000
2 23214 Fuck, I Don’t Know 40 7 0.875
3 21940 The Painted Taints 38 6 0.750
4 25755 Cleveland Steamers 37 5 0.625
5 24857 Yer a Quizzard Harry 32 4 0.500
6 25752 HoneyBuns 21 3 0.375
7 Where the Fuck Is Will When You Need Him 16 2 0.250
8 24599 God Has Forsaken the Knicks 15 1 0.125
9 Red Lit 10 0 0.000