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The newest addition to the Rocco's family, located in Pasadena, California.



Mon Apr 9 2018
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

Dynasties fall everyday, and last night one was broken.

It all started in the Guess Who? round. Perpetually Second Place and Those People were neck and neck with only one point separating them, the latter leading the former. Then, in a flash of a ten point clue, our multi-silver titleholders brandished the correct answer. An answer that Those People never got.

Being dethroned isn't good for your health or your game- only exacerbated further when Those People doubled down two rounds later and slipped up with one wrong guess.

Perpetually Second Place, your curse is broken. Good luck coming up with a new name.

And shout-out to the Salty Dogs, placing in the top 3 for the first time tonight. Power to you.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12937 Perpetually Second Place 52 5 1.000
2 13502 Those People 45 4 0.800
3 Salty Dogs 42 3 0.600
4 The Powerhouse 34 2 0.400
5 14208 Gringos y Amigos 33 1 0.200
6 14103 I've Got A Magic Johnson 29 0 0.000