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Mon Mar 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

It was a family night between our most recurring regulars tonight, and don't you just love an upset?

Let me set the scene: in round 6 the Dollarydoos doubles successfully, put them five points behind leading team Those People and well ahead of Check For Fruits. Then comes the Final Round- name ten Best Picture Oscar winners that begin with the letter "A."

The Dollarydoos struggled, and Those People got a solid 7/10. Check For Fruits?

Well turns out they had been studying trivia categories- and team member David memorized every single Best Picture winner.

Not only did they get every answer correct- they knocked Double or nothing right out of the park!

Thats what happens when you study kids.

Also, fun drinking round tonight- submit your best JK Rowling fact! It didn't happen in the books or movies, but JK Rowling said it happened on Twitter so it must be true. I took a screenshot of the submissions- who do you think deserved the win? (PS VERY NSFW)

See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15512 Check for Fruits 68 2 1.000
2 13502 Those People 63 1 0.500
3 14809 900Dollarydoo$ 58 0 0.000