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Mon Aug 19 2019
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

Y'all do not make it easy on me, do you?

We had some intense competition tonight. Check For Fruits started strong, but Those People snuck up on them with a double in round 6 that stole the game. Still, the teams were only apart by a four-point margin. No shame, and congrats to both of you!

What was a little more interesting? The fight for third.

Newcomers Tubby Cunts had some hits and misses in terms of doubling, but they remembered every single check-in point (pen included) in the final round. At first it seemed like they had third on lockdown, until F?tbol, Not Football noted a point discrepancy and the game went into a tiebreaker!

The two teams had to guess the price of the world's most expensive H?rmes Birkin Bag...for which they both wrote the same answer. Your quizmaster was in uncharted territory and had to come up with a solution, and fast!

Using the resources available, three spare questions were pulled from round 3. Team with the highest score won. Final results?

F?tbol Not Football:1

Tubby Cunts: a perfect 3!

The Cunts won the bronze and deservedly so! But no shame to F?tbol, Not Football- you fought hard tonight.

Well done teams! See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13502 Those People 62 8 1.000
2 15512 Check for Fruits 58 7 0.875
3* 22115 Tubby cuntz 52 5 0.688
3 17924 Fútbol, not Football 52 5 0.688
5 20403 The Mothers of Invention 49 4 0.500
6 12937 Perpetually 2nd Place 47 3 0.375
7 22114 Making trivia great again 41 2 0.250
8 Hula Girls 27 1 0.125
9 Layers 23 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker