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Mon Feb 3 2020
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

Y'all kept me on my toes tonight! Despite the CLEAR lack of respect for Lady Gaga, this was a close game. Those People started with a strong double, but a late flub in round six threw them from the top three, leaving the gate open for Almost Okay and Club Obi-Wan, each apart by one point.

Then I announced the final round category: hockey!

Almost Okay grimaced. Club Obi-Wan grinned. Their time had come.

Club Obi-Wan got every single team correct, not even needing to double. Almost Okay managed to score enough to secure silver, and dark horse contenders Perpetually Second Place got nine out of ten, catapulting them into bronze!

Congratulations teams! See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17903 Club Obi-Wan 48 6 1.000
2 17413 ...and Almost Okay WINS the Iowa Caucus! 43 5 0.833
3 12937 Perpetually 2nd Place 41 4 0.667
4 13502 Those People 37 3 0.500
5 23561 Minorities Report 33 2 0.333
6 18128 Twinkie Time 31 1 0.167
7 25099 Putting the Sex in Dyslexia 28 0 0.000