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Wed Jul 27 2022
| by Quizmaster Lucas Howland

Rudyard's brought the smarties for a very competitive King Trivia Night on Wednesday, and the place was packed!  (Great Food, excellent drinks, and very fun/cool staff)

It really was a competitve game from the beginning. All of the 12 teams put points on the board in the first round. Shout out to "Bean the Frog (Rip)" who stayed last place through the game - but still managed a whopping 18 points! Last week's, team "Avogato Toast" continued to rack up points, improving over the previous week's points.   Meanwhile, "Team Name," "512-210 baddies," and "Coffin Candy" scored impressvie points but fell short of cracking the top 5. 

Last week's returning champs, the "F*cknados" and second place team "Twinkie Time" were off to a great start with "F*cknados" in 2nd place for the first half and "Twinkie Time" poised to crack the top 3.  In the end, they finished strong with 35 and 33 points, but ultimately weren't able to reclaim their previous top spots. "F*cknados" finished 6th and and "Twinkie Time" at 7th.  No doubt we have not seen the end of their wins - just not tonight. 

Two new strong contenders came in the form of "Bam's Fam" and the irreverant duo of "F.K.A.H.T.K."  Both teams made impressive plays for the top spots.  "Bam's Fam" scroed 1 point ahead of the "F*cknados" and "F.K.A.H.T.K" was 1 point behind the 3rd place team finishing 4th.   "F.K.A.H.T.K" were tonight's unofficial comedy team. So they took 4th place in stride and killed it later that night in Karaoke at Rudyard's!  Great play's from both these teams.  Easily top three material on a different night.  

Two first timers cracked the top three.  Apropriately, "Just the 2 of Us" finshed in the number 2 spot and "Lacey Underall" sqeeked into third. It was thier first time and you just never know - until you know!  Shout out to "Lacey Underall" for their determined focus and positive spirts.   (You can spot them in the pictures - and they invited me in too)

Hats off to the champs tonight - having won three previous nights - they took a break last week to come back and reclaim their title.  Team "Martin Van Ruin" absolutely ruined other hopefulls chances.  While the other spots were competitive throughout the night "Martin Van Ruin" claimed the top spot held it and finished 5 points above 2nd place.   They were also vying for unofficial comedy team with some very clever but very wrong answers. 

Awesome night of Trivia.   See you next week. 


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Martin Van Ruin 47 11 1.000
2 Just the 2 of us 42 10 0.909
3 Lacey Underall 40 9 0.818
4 74269 Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap 39 8 0.727
5 BAM’s Fam 36 7 0.636
6 72831 Fucknados 35 6 0.545
7 18128 Twinkie Time 33 5 0.455
8 74263 Coffin Candy 24 4 0.364
9 57933 Avogato Toast 22 3 0.273
10 74273 Team Name 21 2 0.182
11 74264 512-210 baddies 18 0 0.045
11 Bean the Frog (RIP) 18 0 0.045