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    Founded by Phil and Cynthia “Scuttle” Bannan in 1996, the idea started as a homebrewing kit for Father’s Day 1990. As thoughtful as the gift was, it was also a source of strife – Scuttle wanted to use the kitchen for preparing meals for the family while Phil was crowding her out in favor of homemade beer. To maintain marital bliss we decided to move out of the kitchen and into a larger operation. A business plan was established in 1995 and we grew our operation from 5 gallon buckets to a 20 barrel system.


    We brewed our first beer on July 4, 1996 with a 20 barrel system in the brew house, two 20 barrel fermenters and one 20 barrel bright tank. We brewed three styles of beer and finished out that first year with 170 barrels sold. Since then our capacity has grown and we have broadened our product line to include more than 20 styles of hand-crafted ales and lagers.


    After more than 20 years Scuttlebutt Brewing Company remains family owned and independent.


    Tue Sep 10 2019
    | by Quizmaster Mike Duehning

    Tonight we had a record for Scuttlebutt. There were 14 teams playing for that elusive championship belt. Everett Beer week brought out a lot of new faces.

    Periodic Table Dancers scored a perfect round but did not double.

    Round 2 had Just Plain Difficult doubling up and taking the lead.

    Round 3 had The Dog's doubling up and taking the lead.

    Round 5 had Periodic Table Dancers doubling and taking the lead.

    Round 6 had Where's Matt coming from the back and doubling and taking the lead.

    After all was said and done Where's Matt got the gold, Just Plain Difficult got the silver and The Dog's took the bronze. Congratulations to all teams.

    This was the best night we have had here. Hopefully all the new teams that came out be back next week.

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 Where's Matt 74 13 1.000
    2 Just Plain Difficult 70 12 0.923
    3 The Dog's 67 11 0.846
    4 Periodic Table Dancers 64 10 0.769
    5 It Puts the Lotion on the Skin 54 9 0.692
    6 16208 People’s Democratic Republic of Everett (PDRoE) 52 8 0.615
    7 18037 BarTops 44 7 0.538
    8 21605 It's never sunny 40 6 0.462
    9 VolDeMort 37 5 0.385
    10 22306 Brews Clues 35 4 0.308
    11 Two's Company 32 3 0.231
    12 The Mother Ruckers 31 2 0.154
    13 Baked Barley 28 1 0.077
    14 Jose Jimenez 23 0 0.000