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Sun Aug 25 2019
| by Quizmaster BJ Grip

Wow! What a whirlwind of a night! I feel like I just got off of the teacups and Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin! Everything went by so fast due to the sheer amount of Disney passion and craziness in that room. Answer sheets were flying out faster than the papers at the Animation Academy and I felt like I was getting more questions than Crush in his aquatorium...but all in good fun!

I thought that if I had played, I would have done pretty well myself, but I was quickly put into place by Magic Happens who asked about the Animatronic from Mission to Mars by informing me that it had been redressed from a previous attraction, so she wasn't sure which one to go with...which is something I did not know!

But the Chernabog was in the details tonight as several teams got tripped up on the smaller things that make Disneyland so great. In Round 6, Humphrey's Service and Supplies as well as Oswald's Gas & Oil foiled a bunch of Double or Nothing's as many teams thought that one of them was found in Cars Land. Our drinking round - the first team to write down and submit every land in Disneyland and neighborhood/land in California Adventure - saw the first few teams to try their answer overlook Pacific Wharf...meaning they could go drown their sorrows in a bread bowl later.

Round 7 saw many hairs being split over what constituted an attraction, so I tried to be as specifically vague as possible in clarifying. Despite thinking it could enough to be open on opening day of Disneyland, Casey Jr. frustrated a lot of people since it "re-opened" later down the road, but still technically counted. And another good amount of Double or Nothing's were toppled by Dumbo, who did not receive his flying feather until about a month after Disneyland opened. This resulted in The Childless Millennials losing out on a perfect run, and one of the highest-scoring nights I've ever seen!

Couple shout-outs to give:

  • Congratulations to our Top 3 teams and the winners for the evening: The Childless Millennials won the pot, with Twelve Park Club eking out a second place victory by getting closer to the total number of horses on the Carrousel, and Great Moments with Mr. Thinkin' taking home third prize.
  • The spirit award for the evening went to Bring Back Ghost Galaxy 2019 for their upbeat attitudes, great Disney shirts and costumes, homage to a bug's land with one of their Heimlich headbands (which their normal team name is dedicated to), and masks brought straight from D23! Certainly a bunch of certified and proud Disney nerds!
  • Best team name of the night has to go to No One Mansplains Like Gaston. Very clever and definitely got the biggest laugh when reading off the point totals.

Thank you for playing tonight, everybody! Have a magical rest of your days! Until next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10021 The Childless Millennials 93 18 1.000
2* Twelve Park Club 81 16 0.917
2 22084 Great Moments with Mr. Thinkin' 81 16 0.917
4 20519 Bring Back Ghost Galaxy 2019 78 15 0.833
5 Magic Happens 74 14 0.778
6 Cinderella's Helpful Mice 53 12 0.694
6 Annual Passholes 53 12 0.694
8 3 Good Fairies (and one evil one) 51 11 0.611
9 Poor Unfortunate Souls 49 10 0.556
10 Main Street Mindset 48 9 0.500
11 The Ladies and the Champs 47 7 0.417
11 No One Mansplains Like Gaston 47 7 0.417
13 1401 Flight Crew 40 5 0.306
13 The Matterhornies 40 5 0.306
15 13405 What's the Matterhorn? 38 4 0.222
16 16492 Crew No Clue 37 3 0.167
17 The Imaginerds 30 2 0.111
18 The Twinkling Tinkerbells 29 1 0.056
19 RIP Spiderman 23 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker
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