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    Tue Jan 14 2020
    | by Quizmaster Katherine Reid

    This Tuesday evening at Snakes & Lattes we had 9 teams join us to play. The teams that joined us included Moose on the Loose, Happy B-day Madeline!, Team Too Spooky, Sneaky Snakes, No Laws With White Claws, The Procrastinators, Megxit 2020, The Team Formerly Known as Prince, and Quizards!

    Our General Knowledge for Round 1 was fairly easy for the teams! Our most commonly missed question was about which founding father founded The New York Post, many people thought it was Benjamin Franklin but it was actually Alexander Hamilton! After our first round Moose on the Loose had 8 points in first place, Megxit 2020 was in second with 7 points. Third place had a 3-way tie of 6 points between Happy B-day, Madeline!, The Procrastinators, and The Team Formerly Known as Prince. Fourth place was currently held by Sneaky Snakes with 5 points. Fifth place was Team Too Spooky with 4 points and No Laws With White Claws was in sixth place with 3 points.

    Round 2 asked our teams to identify the Pulitzer prize winning novels that were shown in the images. The two most commonly misidentified book covers were for The Good Earth and The Age of Innocence.

    The theme for Round 3 was that all of the answers would begin with the letter Z. Two teams decided to play their Double or Nothing for this round, Team Too Spooky and Sneaky Snakes were both able to earn an additional 12 points for their teams!

    This week's Round 4 was a Guess Who. Our first few clues weren't much help for our teams. But after the third clue 7 of our 9 teams brought up their answers and each got it correct, giving their teams each 6 points! Quizards and Sneaky Snakes were able to guess correctly after the fourth clue giving them 4 points for their teams. The mystery person we were looking for this week was Gwyneth Paltrow.

    Round 5 was our Find the Connection round. Several teams got a majority of the answers correct, however Megxit 2020 was the only one who saw that the common theme was that each of the answers contained names of fictional law enforcement officers!

    By this point in the game Megxit 2020 was in first place with 34 points. In second place was a tie of 33 points between Team Too Spooky and No Laws With White Claws. In third we had a three-way tie of 32 points by Moose on the Loose, Sneaky Snakes, and The Team Formerly Known as Prince. Happy B-day, Madeline! was in fourth place with 31 points. Fifth place was The Procrastinators with 29 points and Quizards in sixth place with 14 points.

    Round 6 asked the teams to match the volcano to the country they come from. 5 of our teams only missed a single point in this round!

    The final round asked the teams to name the 9 films that were nominated for Best Picture in the 2020 Academy Awards. We had 5 teams play their Double or Nothings in this round. Sneaky Snakes, Moose on the Loose, and The Procrastinators unfortunately missed one of their answers so they were not able to earn the double points. However, Megxit 2020 and The Team Formerly Known as Prince were each able to earn the double points!

    By the end of the round Happy B-day, Madeline! and Team Too Spooky were tied for third but after the tie breaking question Team Too Spooky walked away victorious! Our final scores had Megxit 2020 in first place with 61 points, The Team Formerly Known as Prince in second with 57 points, Team Too Spooky in third with 51, Happy B-day, Madeline! in fourth with 50, No Laws With White Claws in fifth with 44 points, Moose on the Loose and Sneaky Snakes in sixth with 41 points, The Procrastinators in seventh with 35 points, and Quizards in eighth place with 19 points!

    Join us next Tuesday for King Trivia at 7 pm!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 23338 Lil Pickles 61 8 1.000
    2 24733 The Team Formerly Known as Prince 57 7 0.875
    3* 24238 Team Too Spooky 51 6 0.750
    4 24758 Happy B-day, Madeline! 50 5 0.625
    5 No Laws With White Claws 44 4 0.500
    6 24108 Moose on the Loose 41 2 0.312
    6 Sneaky Snakes 41 2 0.312
    8 24732 The Procrastinators 35 1 0.125
    9 Quizards 19 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker