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    Tue Jan 21 2020
    | by Quizmaster Katherine Reid

    Tuesday night at Snakes & Lattes 9 teams gathered to test their skills in trivia! Our teams for the evening included Moose on the Loose, Team Too Spooky, The Celery Men, Big Booty Judy, Smart and Pretty, Megxit 2020, 12 Left Feet, The Procrastinators, and We Thought This Was Kickball!

    Our General Knowledge for Round 1 started things off on easy footing for our teams. The most commonly missed question was about the leading characters that will be featured in the new Disney World ride called "Runaway Railway". Many of our teams wrote characters from Toy Story or Frozen, an even more interesting answer was Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. However the answer we were looking for was Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

    Round 2 asked our teams to identify the movies in the images based on an animal companion that appears in the movie. The teams that did the best this round were Megxit 2020 and 12 Left Feet who each got 6 points.

    By this point in the game 12 Left Feet were in first place with 14 points, with Megxit 2020 in second with 13 points and Moose on the Loose in third with 12 points. Team Too Spooky, The Celery Men, and Smart and Pretty were all tied in fourth place with 11 points. Behind them in fifth was We Thought This Was Kickball with 10 points. In sixth was a tie of 9 points between Big Booty Judy and The Procrastinators.

    In Round 3 the theme was that all of the answers would rhyme with either the word "year" or "years". Pretty much all of our teams got 6 out of 6 answers correct this round, save 12 Left Feet who just missed a single answer! We also had 4 teams play their Double or Nothing in this round, so The Procrastinators, Team Too Spooky, Big Booty Judy, and Smart and Pretty were each able to earn 12 additional points for their teams!

    The theme for Round 4 this week was a Guess What. 7 of our teams turned in their answers after the second clue and each of them guessed correctly so they all earned 8 points for their teams! Smart and Pretty was able to guess correctly after our third clue which gave their team 6 extra points. We Thought This Was Kickball had guessed that our mystery thing was The Crucible and unfortunately had to lose a point for this answer, as the correct answer we were looking for was The Scarlet Letter!

    By now Team Too Spooky was in first place with 31 points. In second was a 3-way tie between Big Booty Judy, Smart and Pretty, and The Procrastinators each with 29 points. In third was another tie between Megxit 2020 and 12 Left Feet with 27 points. In fourth, Moose on the Loose with 26 points. Fifth was The Celery Men with 25 points. Sixth was We Thought This Was Kickball with 15 points.

    Round 5 was our Find the Connection round where teams have to figure out the commonality of answers 1-9 in order to answer question 10. Many of our teams did well in this round, however, Megxit 2020 was the only one who was able to see that the commonality was that each of the answers were titles of movies or TV shows that starred Jennifer Aniston.

    Round 6 asked the teams to match books that had the words "fire" or "ice" in its title to the author who wrote it. Our teams that did the best in this round were Moose on the Loose, who earned 7 points this round, and The Celery Men, who earned 5 points.

    Our final round for the evening had 3 different questions that were all very different. The first question asked about UN member country names that started with "Saint", the second asked the names of Daenerys' dragon's names, and the final question asked what 4 NHL teams Wayne Gretsky played for.

    At the end of this round we had a 2-way tie for second place and a 3-way tie for third. In order to break up the second place tie we whipped out our finalizing tie breaker question! The teams that participated in this were Team Too Spooky and Moose on the Loose. Our question asked them how many calories are in Hostess Twinkies. Team Too Spooky wrote 215 while Moose on the Loose wrote 275. The correct answer was 270, meaning Moose on the Loose was the closest to the answer and was able to gain second place!

    In the end 12 Left Feet took first with 58 points. Moose on the Loose in second with 50. Team Too Spooky in third with 49 points. Smart and Pretty, Megxit 2020, and Big Booty Judy shared fourth place each with 48 points. In fifth was The Procrastinators with 43 points. The Celery Men were in sixth place with 40 points. And We Thought This Was Kickball took seventh place with a total of 27 points.

    Congrats to all the teams who played! Join us again next Tuesday evening at 7pm at Snakes & Lattes for King Trivia!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 23854 12 Left Feet 58 8 1.000
    2* 24108 Moose on the Loose 50 7 0.875
    3 24238 Team Too Spooky 49 6 0.750
    4 23857 SMART AND PRETTY 48 3 0.500
    4 23338 Lil Pickles 48 3 0.500
    4 Big Booty Judy 48 3 0.500
    7 24732 The Procrastinators 43 2 0.250
    8 24872 The Celery Men 40 1 0.125
    9 23331 We thought this was kickball 27 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker