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    Tue Mar 3 2020
    | by Quizmaster Katherine Reid

    It was an electric Tuesday night at Snakes & Lattes this week and spirits were very high! We had 14 teams join us for the game!

    Round 1's General Knowledge left everyone in ties left and right! First was a tie of 8 points between She & Him and 12 Left Feet. Second place was a 4-way tie of 7 points between Lil Pickles, Goof Troop, Moose on the Loose, and Dogfish. In third place we had Too Spooky with 6 points. In fourth place was a 5-way tie of 3 points between Ferda, Seasoned Mango Claws, Cut My Rates Into Pieces, Game-o-Saurus Rex, and Hawk Squad. Finally in fifth place was Chaotic Neutral with 2 points.

    Round 2 asked the teams to identify the countries represented by the EPCOT showcases. Chaotic Neutral had played their Double or Nothing in this round and unfortunately had missed some answers so they were unable to earn any points in this round.

    Round 3 made references to "dawn" or the end of the day in it's questions or answers. As the sun set on this round 4 teams were tied for first place with 18 points! This was between Lil Pickles, Goof Troop, 12 Left Feet, and Moose on the Loose.

    I was personally very excited for Round 4 this week with our Guess Who theme. 8 of our 14 teams guess the person correctly after just the second clue! I could see on the faces of many teams that they knew who our mystery man was but just couldn't figure out his name. One team even identified him as his most prominent character from Parks and Recreation, but in the end the correct answer we were looking for was none other than Nick Offerman!

    We had 2 teams play their Double or Nothing for Round 5 this week. For Ferda, unfortunately they missed 1 of their answers so were unable to earn points for this round. However, Dogfish was able to get all 10 questions correct allowing their team to earn 20 additional points!

    Round 6 asked the teams to match each nickname to the soccer club it belonged to. We had 3 teams play their Double or Nothing for this round! Goof Troop and Lil Pickles got all of their answers correct so they each got 20 extra points for their teams! She & Him also played their Double or Nothing, they did leave 1 of the spaces blank but all of their written answers were correct, so they were able to earn 18 points for their team in this round!

    Our final round had 2 questions this week challenging the geographical knowledge of our teams. The first question asked them to name the 7 capitals of the countries in Central America and the second asked them which 3 cities share political power in South Africa. Moose on the Loose, 12 Left Feet, Let's Get Quizzical, and Cut My Rates Into Pieces all played their Double or Nothings for this final round, sadly though each of them missed at least 1 of the answers so none of them were able to wrap up the game with any additional points.

    In the end our top 3 teams were Goof Troop (62), Lil Pickles (60), and She & Him (59).

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 24978 Goof Troop 62 13 1.000
    2 23338 Lil Pickles 60 12 0.923
    3 25476 She & Him 59 11 0.846
    4 25357 Dogfish 46 10 0.769
    5 23854 12 Left Feet 43 9 0.692
    6 24108 Moose on the Loose 42 8 0.615
    7 Cut My Rate Into Pieces 35 7 0.538
    8 Game-o-Saurus Rex 29 6 0.462
    9 22559 Let's Get Quizzical 28 5 0.385
    10 24238 Team Too Spooky 27 4 0.308
    11 25617 FERDA 24 3 0.231
    12 Hawk Squad 18 2 0.154
    13 Seasoned Mango Claws 15 1 0.077
    14 Chaoic Neutral 10 0 0.000