Society Kitchen

2901 Ocean Park Blvd #123
Santa Monica CA 90405
(310) 452-4400
About Society Kitchen

Located in the heart of Santa Monica, Society Kitchen is a local restaurant serving craft beer, artisanal wine, and healthy American cuisine made with local, organic, and seasonal ingredients. We feature the most popular dishes in contemporary American cuisine, fast-casual setting. The extensive menu features our hand-crafted gourmet pizzas, a variety of sandwiches, soups, fresh salads, including our brand of fish tacos. We use only the finest ingredients to prepare our food fresh-to-order in just minutes.



Sun Jun 2 2019
| by Quizmaster Susannah Stultz

What a day it was at Society Kitchen this Sunday! The restaurant was poppin' - tons of families and groups -- but three very particular tables present to win (and one table on the side playing along for fun. Jack, aged 5 and his mother decided to play - but not for keeps).

Everyone But Sean really got a jump start by doubling down in the first round - and they maintained a steady lead until the Guess Who round, where they confused Jane Lynch with Whoopie Goldberg (drats!) and got bumped down to second... and then in round five, they were TIED with Periodic Table Dancers. E.B.S. buckled down, ordered another round of drinks, and committed fully to doubling down in round six -securing their top spot!

All the while lone wolf, High Society, calmly sipped his drink and ate his dinner to scoop up a second place standing as one of the most impressive displays of solo trivia we've seen on this side of the LA River. He might be my hero.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 19984 Everyone But Sean 65 2 1.000
2 14196 High Society 49 1 0.500
3 20247 Periodic Tabledancers 40 0 0.000