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Founders Bryce Rademan and Robert Wicklund laid the groundwork for Spitz while studying at Occidental College in Los Angeles. Discovered while on a semester abroad in Spain, Rademan fell in love with Döner Kebab. It was sold on virtually every street corner and he was hooked. Upon arriving back in the US, Rademan immediately became infatuated with the idea of bringing Döner Kebab to L.A. In the spring of 2005 he teamed up with Wicklund and they ultimately opened their first location a mile from Occidental six months after graduating.



Tue Nov 29 2016
| by Quizmaster Travis Richey

It was a fine, fine night at Spitz this week.  A few who had gone home for Thanksgiving returned to the sweet embrace of Trivia and quizzed away the family squabbles and talks of politics.

A team who just moved out from Chicago were just in time for the Chicago-themed round 3, and fortunately got everything right, and doubled up successfully, too, so they didn't have to hang their heads in shame.

Fancy Peacocks won themselves the free pitcher of beer in the drink round, but A Horse With No Game took the top spot of the game, besting Werewolf Bar Mitzvah by only one point, and The Donor Party returning for third.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10449 A Horse with no Game 65 9 1.000
2 10069 Werewolf Bar Mitzvah 64 8 0.889
3 10132 The Döner Party 58 7 0.778
4 We Thought This Was Was Speed Dating 52 4 0.556
4 10158 Los Feliz Boys Choir 52 4 0.556
4 Fancy Peacocks 52 4 0.556
7 Team Purple 51 3 0.333
8 The Santos 48 2 0.222
9 The Former Zoom Kids 41 1 0.111
10 You Got Frazzed 31 0 0.000