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4426 Central Ave
Camarillo CA 93010
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Thu Jul 6 2017
| by Quizmaster Lamar MiLes

There's an ongoing debate about the optimum team size for pub trivia. At The Sportsman tonight, Arroz by any other name made a great argument for smaller being better. The twosome earned 49 points for 1st Place. Plus, the smaller the team, the more booty for each player. Bears With Sticks took second place honors with 45.


Shout out to team Semi Reliable Third Party, aka Stephanie and Brad, on the birth of their new member!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10962 Arroz, by any other name… 49 3 1.000
2 10707 Bears With Sticks 45 2 0.667
3 10554 The Fighting Mongooses, that's a cool team name. 33 1 0.333
4 11595 Interrupting Cow 22 0 0.000