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About Strand Brewing Co

Founded with the support and love from friends and family in 2009, Strand was one of the first craft breweries in Los Angeles County.

Strand is not only proud to represent the beginning of the craft beer movement in LA, but the future of it as well. The brewery is located on the southern coast of Los Angeles County, nestled amongst the sleepy beach communities collectively known as The South Bay.

Strand Brewing Company is owned and operated by lifelong friends Rich Marcello and Joel Elliott.



Wed Aug 4 2021
| by Quizmaster Kathryn Draney

I'd like to start by stating that I learned at this trivia night how to CURE HICCUPS! Over the microphone, I begged teams for their hiccup cures. One woman approached me and said "this is going to be weird." That's how I knew hers would work.

She stood behind me and plugged my ears, then had me chug beer. I was happy to chug the beer of course (Atticus IPA is delicious), but having a stranger put her fingers in my ears was a new one! Lo and behold, the bizarre trick worked. Maybe she's a witch. Take this information and run with it.

As for trivia, we had a hilarious evening with horrible answers. My favorite was the team who answered "hentai" as the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery... nice try!

Maybe three people in the whole bar had seen the coming of age movie "Now and Then", so most teams were unable to double in the usually-doubleable Round 2. Most teams nailed the Zodiac Round 5, but LOTS missed their doubled Round 6's by misinterpreting "Panthera Leo" as panther instead of the correct "lion"!

In the end, Sam's Family took the cake, TheOtherBarWasFull stole second, and third went to Pandamonium.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 20328 Sam's Family 75 13 1.000
2 21119 TheOtherBarWasFull 66 12 0.923
3 14715 Pandamonium 63 11 0.846
4 Tokyo 2021 59 10 0.769
5 25255 Test Equipment 57 8 0.654
5 30909 Spooning Leads to Forking 57 8 0.654
7 29123 Gattaca 52 7 0.538
8 28126 Calmer Than You Are 51 6 0.462
9 30882 Black Cats 49 5 0.385
10 30907 Ghostbusters 43 3 0.269
10 16978 Gently, gently, gently...nice 43 3 0.269
12 30889 The Kolsch Boys 35 2 0.154
13 30881 Moderately Average 34 1 0.077
14 30880 Boba Daddy 27 0 0.000