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TGI Fridays reputation as the best corner bar in town started in Manhattan in 1965—and it continues today right here in Cerritos, where we’ve been serving up good times since 1996. Located near Towne Center Dr & Bloomfield Ave @ Towne Center, we’re proudly bringing you the best local mix of food, fun, and handcrafted cocktails. Whether you bring friends or come to make friends, stop by and see us at TGI Fridays



Thu Dec 27 2018
| by Quizmaster Charlotte Knight

Everyone came to eat, and most everyone came to WIN! With Crooks and Goose Boys ducking out early, the stakes were high to see who would take home the free appetizer, the gift cards, and hopefully, a shot at the Tournament of Champions!

We Hate Jake missed the first round, but still stuck it to the bastard by coming out with the girls and having fun anyway! Mr. Poopybutthole had a double-down mishap on their Chevrolet vehicles (damn you, Blazers!), paving the way for newbies Tommy & Jong to take home the third place prize. Tater Tots knew their Lego vehicles, dogs, and statistics to a T, taking home the second place prize AND a free appetizer for winning an intense game of High/Low.

Rain City Bitch Pigeons, on the cusp of Tournament of Champions glory, stressed and sweated their way through a successful Chevrolet vehicle double-down, securing their lead and making it all worth it! They took home $30 and the glory of defeating six other teams on their last week of play. Wishing you luck, my needy, high-maintenance friends!

See you all in 2019! Have a fun, safe New Year!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15005 Trivia Newton John 55 6 1.000
2 11954 Tater tots 51 5 0.833
3 Tommy & Jong 38 4 0.667
4 16661 Mr. Poopybutthole 37 3 0.500
5 We Hate Jake 27 2 0.333
6 17351 Goose boys 16 1 0.167
7 Crooks 8 0 0.000