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Thu Apr 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Charlotte Knight

It was a quiet night; bit unusual compared to the last few weeks. But I suppose that means your chances of going home with a gift card and/or free food only increase! The smashing good fun is always guaranteed.

We were joined by new King Trivia players Genera Fam and old King Trivia players (but fresh competition to TGI Fridays) BFWBF. They struggled a bit with comic strip characters and UFOs, but didn't stop them from having a good time. Meeseeks and Destroy started off ready to rock and roll, and did pretty well on most rounds, but couldn't quite answer enough to properly double down.

Brochachos and Chas took home the third place prize by three points, as well as a free appetizer/dessert coupon for coming up with the funniest possible redaction in the Mueller report (Trump's unit doesn't look like Toad -- it looks like Bowser!). Mr. ShittyAsshole -- sorry, I mean, Poopybutthole also came sooo close to potential double downs, but just couldn't quite grasp an entire round. BUT, still no Beyonce questions, so they stood a fighting chance.

Our ultimate champions were our gaggle of The Peeps, who distracted everyone with their marshmallowy goodness while they correctly doubled down on their comic strip characters, flapping their way into success. Kudos to you nasty-tasting-yet-visually-appealing victors!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17631 Futuristic Bow-Wow 64 5 1.000
2 16661 Mr. Poopybutthole 47 4 0.800
3 10082 Brochachos and Chas 40 3 0.600
4 18015 Meeseeks and Destroy 37 2 0.400
5 BFWBF 29 1 0.200
6 Genera Fam 13 0 0.000