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Thu May 2 2019
| by Quizmaster Charlotte Knight

I thought tonight's questions were gonna be a drag, but so many of you proved me wrong! Minus 20 points to the Quizmaster for not having enough faith in the game!

The Zucchinis wished to double down too late in Round 7, but as they were betrayed by Dennis Rodman, it would appear me being a stickler about no-gives-backsies after it's in my hand made a positive impact after all. Granted, it wasn't enough to push The Zucchinis to a gift card win, but YOU'RE WELCOME ANYWAY.

Let The Wookie Win was barely ahead, dying for hints on their "Dream Team" players. For a minute, I legitimately thought they lost interest in trivia, and sports on the tube was more important. As it turns out, they were desperately just looking for any kind of hint from the basketball games on the screen. You sneaky Wookies!

Meeseeks and Destroy came in fourth, but left with a free appetizer coupon, so no complaints were heard. Mr. Poopybutthole had to settle for third place BY ONE POINT to Dan, because OTHER. PEOPLE. WANT. TO. WIN. TOO. GUYS. Party Of One ended up taking home the gold, all thanks to the "Dream Team" poster he had in his room as a kid. Glad that otherwise insignificant memory paid off!

I wouldn't say I enjoy seeing my King Trivia players struggle with their answers, but I sure do get some damn cute love notes out of it. <3

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 17917 Party of One 59 6 1.000
2 10011 Eat Me, I'm a Danish! 49 5 0.833
3 16661 Mr. Poopybutthole 48 4 0.667
4 18015 Meeseeks and Destroy 43 3 0.500
5 18834 Team Cerritos 40 2 0.333
6 18121 Let The Wookie Win 38 1 0.167
7 The Zucchinis 34 0 0.000