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    Thu Sep 19 2019
    | by Quizmaster Charlotte Knight

    No one believes the Quizmaster when she tells you to never underestimate the power of turning your pen in at the end of the game for an extra bonus point... but even some days the mightiest of King Trivia veterans fall...

    We had to bebop between rounds tonight, on account of an apparently crappy football game going well past 8:00. New players Los Burros and Team Benitez, while having fun, felt the sting of a couple zero-point rounds. GS Team felt the even worse sting of losing a point on our Guess Who? round, certain that Toni Morrison was actually Maya Angelou.

    The real fight came down between Not That Kind of Doctor and Brochachos & Chas, who were neck-in-neck for the last half of the game. But lo and behold, Not That Kind of Doctor took home third place SOLELY for remembering to return their pen, leaving Brochachos & Chas with no other defense mechanism than to make fun of the Quizmaster for reading "counties" but saying it as "countries" in Round 1. 😛

    Fjord Crew held a strong lead during the first half of the game, thanks to their general knowledge, multi-generation actors, and California smarts. Don't Suck was quick to viciously take the lead away from them by doubling down on hot dog connections and having a firm handle on previous UK monarchs. Don't Suck even got to go home with a free appetizer/dessert coupon for getting the most points on a Survey Slam round, so really, don't suck they did.

    Quizmaster-in-Training Iggy spent a little time on the mic, and a lot of fun playing the game -- big shout out to all our teams for giving him the support and [kind] heckling he needed!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 22302 Don't Suck 77 6 1.000
    2 21196 Fjord Crew 65 5 0.833
    3 18015 Not That Kind of Doctor 41 4 0.667
    4 10082 Brochachos and Chas 40 3 0.500
    5 Team Benitez 14 2 0.333
    6 GS Team 9 1 0.167
    7 Los Burros 8 0 0.000