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Wed Aug 29 2018
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

An impressive performance by Team Pudding this week at The Backyard Bakery and Cafe in Sunland/Tujunga. The Pudding duo (that's them there in photo #3, looking all pleased with themselves - and they should be!) They doubled successfully right out of the gate, took the lead in Round Two and never looked back!!

They completed their rout of the competition with another successful double in the final round, demonstrating an impressive knowledge about animated film franchises.

At the other end of the winner's circle, Bad Dragon edged out Sugar Bears by a single point to take third place. That's right! One single point. As you might expect, the Sugar Bears were sweet about it.

And right there in between, finishing in second, the Shana Maidelas once again showered your humble quizmaster with scorn and disrespect - which I correctly interpret as love and affection.

Come celebrate hump day by joining us at The Backyard Bakery. Your mind will be stimulated, and your tummy will be very pleased.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 16040 Team Pudding 72 6 1.000
2 15860 Shana Maidela’s 56 5 0.833
3 Bad Dragon 53 4 0.667
4 Sugar Bears 52 3 0.500
5 The Three Caballeros 46 2 0.333
6 The Specialty Cheeses 44 0 0.083
6 12782 Hodge Podge 44 0 0.083