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Wed Sep 26 2018
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

It is an interesting and frequently observed phenomena, that quiz fans participating in King Trivia events will treat their quizmasters with a certain...respect. They project a sense of reverence, really.

Yes, many KT quizinators look upon their quizmasters as they would an exalted and admired member of an elite group, not unlike a university professor; a research scientist; a medical professional, high office holder or spiritual leader.

They revere quizmasters in this way because they know that quizmasters must endure rigorous years of training to earn the robes and scepter. This training includes years of apprenticeship, rigorous study, and a grueling barefoot hike to the mountaintops of Tibet to meet and commune with the highest among us, the "Blessed One" whom we call Joshua.

The reverence KT quiz participants feel for their quizmasters might accurately be described as awe. When they approach their quizmasters with a question or an answer sheet, they do so slowly, respectfully, with head bowed. They speak in hushed tones and generally behave in a manner that communicates to any and all that they are in the presence of an almost God-like figure.

Funny thing, though: what I'm describing never happens at The Backdoor Bakery and Cafe in Sunland/Tujunga! In fact, it's just the opposite! The folks here are downright abusive to their quizmaster - calling him names, throwing things at him (me) and making fun of his haircut, robes and scepter.

They scare me very much, the folks who quiz at the Backdoor Bakery and Cafe. If I misspeak or mispronounce a word, there is derision and mockery! Look at the photos of the regulars at TBB&C! You can see it on their faces! This is a tough crowd. Mean and antagonistic!

Come see for yourself! It's outrageous! And delightful. See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15860 Shana Maidela’s 68 5 1.000
2 16040 Team Pudding 65 4 0.800
3 12782 Hodge Podge 59 3 0.600
4 The Three Caballeros 37 2 0.400
5 Friends of Gloria 32 1 0.200
6 Oahu Pools 25 0 0.000