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Wed Oct 10 2018
| by Quizmaster Tim Barkas

Close scores, new friends, and a come-from-behind triumph infused our weekly trivia soiree with an extra dollop of delight this week at The Backdoor Bakery & Cafe in Sunland/Tujunga.

Among the new friends we met were the triumphant trio calling themselves The Cooper Clan. We say "triumphant" because they swept in on gossamer wings and took the victory with an impressive 58-point performance.

As for come-from-behind, late-game strategies, Party of Three pulled of an impressive double in the final round to jump from the middle of the pack to take second. Well done, THREE!! (The pack was pretty crowded, with close scores among all teams throughout the quiz! Tense! Exciting!

Frequent top-three finisher rounded out our top three with 54 points, which just barely edges out good performances by Three Caballeros (52 points) and Team Pudding with 51. See!?! I TOLD YA the scores were close.

As for making new friends, a King Trivia quiz is a great place to meet people and engage in friendly competition, and the Back Door Bakery and Cafe is an absolutely ideal place to meet the nicest people in the Sunland/Tujunga area.

Come by and get to know us! Have a bit to eat along with some food for thought via trivia. You'll be glad you did. See ya next week.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Cooper Clan 58 9 1.000
2 Party of Three 56 8 0.889
3 12782 Hodge Podge 54 7 0.778
4 Three Caballeros 52 6 0.667
5 16040 Team Pudding 51 5 0.556
6 15860 Shana Maidela’s 47 4 0.444
7 THAT Team!! 44 3 0.333
8 AWESOME!! 41 2 0.222
9 Back Door Bakery Babe 31 1 0.111
10 15762 Karchar 28 0 0.000