The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Santa Monica (Survey Slam)

395 Santa Monica Place #304
Santa Monica CA 90401
(424) 271-2915
  • SURVEY SLAM—Fridays @ 7:30pm



Fri Oct 25 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

We had another fantastic time surveying up Survey Slam at The Dudes' in Santa Monica tonight. 7 players came out to decide which was the MOST popular answer (and in some cases the SECOND or THIRD most popular answers.)

"Team Ram Rod" played a consistent game the whole evening guessing the right survey responses. They scored extremely well on Round 5 where the answers have weighted points depending on their popularity. This exciting and fun couple went home in FIRST place and won the grand prize of a 4 pack of beer!
Giving "Team Ram Rod" a run for their money was a Survey Slam favorite, "Three Stooges" (they eventually had two more players join in so they changed their name to "Five Stooges.") As usual, this team played really well. They wagered the maximum amount of points in the last round and answered our second wager questions correctly bouncing their score 10 more points!

Thanks to the all the servers for keeping the beer and delicious food coming and of course to our players for slamming another Survey Slam! See you all next time!!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Team Ram Rod 47 1 1.000
2 22536 Five Stooges 42 0 0.000