The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Santa Monica (Survey Slam)

395 Santa Monica Place #304
Santa Monica CA 90401
(424) 271-2915
  • SURVEY SLAM—Fridays @ 7:30pm



Fri Nov 1 2019
| by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

We served up another sensational Survey Slam at The Dudes' in Santa Monica tonight. 6 teams competed to see who would guess the most popular answers from our survey at - anyone who's anyone is taking the survey. So head on over there to take it, too. 🙂
We had a few returning teams and a few new players join in as well.
Special shoutout to "Three Kings." These three gentlemen from Europe played a really great game. Unfortunately they weren't too versed in fruit flavored candies from America causing them to have a difficult time on our last round. But it was a lot of fun having them play and I could tell from their HUGE smiles they had a great time.
"Flying Pigs" joined in on round 3 and scored the most points in that round. "Watts It All About" played consistently well throughout the evening. They wagered the max amount of points in our final round guessing the second most popular answer not the first causing them to lose a lot of points. But I liked their strategy of going all in at the end to see if they could squeeze out on top. "Fishbird and Co." was a fun team. They were super engaged the whole game really trying to beef up their score round after round. They, as well, wagered the max amount of points in the last round but also guessed the second most popular answer.
"Chinaloa" is a Survey Slam reg and fave who was in the lead the majority of the night. But they also guessed the second most popular answer in the final round. But they only wagered half the amount of points. They were able to end the evening in SECOND place!
"Quiz In My Pants" came back to play another game and stayed in second place most of the evening behind "Chinaloa." But they were the ONLY team to guess the right answer on our final round wagering the max amount of points. That's how you slam the Survey Slam and grab FIRST place, folks.
Thanks to everyone who came out to play and, of course, the awesome staff at The Dudes' for keeping the beer and delicious snacks flowing.
Can't wait till next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 18993 Quiz in my pants 46 5 1.000
2 22536 Chinaloa 37 4 0.800
3 Three Kings 21 2 0.500
3 Flying Pigs 21 2 0.500
5 Fishbird and Co. 19 1 0.200
6 Watts It All About 14 0 0.000