The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Santa Monica (Survey Slam)

395 Santa Monica Place #304
Santa Monica CA 90401
(424) 271-2915
  • SURVEY SLAM—Fridays @ 7:30pm



Fri Nov 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

What a wildly fun Friday night of Survey Slamming we had!!

Four teams came out to play -- with repeat team Pee Pee Time and brand new teams Kick Cat Bar, Ramrod, and Keem!

Pee Pee Time held onto their lead from Rounds 1-5, but in Round 5, Kick Cat Bar started to creep up behind them, closing the gap to one point as they named all of the five three-point answers for a score of the maximum 15 at Round 5.

In Round 6, Pee Pee Time preserves their lead, making it a three-point deficit.

However, another perfect round for Kick Cat Bar in Round 7 saw them snag the lead with three more points from Pee Pee Time.

It all came down to Round 8 -- and Pee Pee Time noted The Bronx as the borough of New York that survey takers would least want to visit and wagering ten while Kick Cat Bar ran away with the game by guessing Staten Island correctly AND wagering ten points.

Huge shout out to third place team Ramrod who joined midway and still came out with a substantive amount of points and also shout out to Team Keem, who noted Here Comes the Sun as the best Beatles song and Jesus as the historical figure who would have an amazing Twitter account today. Despite those answers being contrary to what survey takers thought, Survey Czar Sanyee deems those answers pretty great!

And I agree with Pee Pee Time -- chicken and casseroles would be baked! Guess our survey takers have many a sweet tooth with the cookies and cakes and pies!


Also this was my first time at the venue -- I had no idea I'd be blending in with the wall right behind me.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Kick Cat Bar 50 3 1.000
2 Pee Pee Time 29 2 0.667
3 Team Ramrod 16 1 0.333
4 KEEM -1 0 0.000