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    Thu Mar 14 2019
    | by Quizmaster Ken Pierce

    For the free pints round I had all the teams come up with a limerick to celebrate St. Paddy's Day. I had the bartenders judge blindly so I had no say in the decision! Here are all the limericks from the free pints round! (Danile was chosen.)

    As far as the 1st picture above...Everyone gets lucky at The Dudes'!


    There was a quizmaster at Dudes'

    He was handsome and never rude

    With the most angelic voice

    Our M.C. number one choice

    But the top of his head was NUDE!

    We Suck At Trivia:

    There once was a team @ trivia that sucked

    when doubling round one, they usually got fucked

    It was always a trial

    going up against DaNile

    In the end winning usually came down to luck!

    Super Troopers:

    Give a dude a brew & he's happy

    Plus a bedroom workout and he's nappy

    Take him to Dudes',

    Give him lots of food

    And you'll forevermore live your life happy.


    Pretty Butterfly

    Flying in the sky

    Pedro saw

    Hell nah

    I want it to die

    Piss water Pirates:

    There was once too sweet a beer

    One wouldn't drink for others would leer

    But other beers were too bitter

    tasted like they came from the shitter

    But along came a man brave enough to drink the sweet brew named Scotty Mc'Queer

    CharDee McDennis:

    Just some dudes a-brewin beers

    Ken hosting trivia giving us tears

    Double Trunks makin us sick

    You might find DaNile sucking Ken's dick

    Another loss for CharDee, the end is near.

    The Kids R. Kelly Peed On:

    There once was a team from Dudes'

    Their name was a lil offensive and rude

    A little mis-behaved

    One bearded, one shaved

    The Kids R. Kelly Peed On came for beer, not food

    Jesus Is Coming, Grab A Towel:

    I was on my way to Dudes'

    When This Girl I Know sent me some nudes

    Looked at the text

    What to do next

    And you know it got me in one of those moods


    History, film, TV & General Knowledge- Along with stuff you don't learn in college.

    King Trivia is best with a beer at The Dudes' Now excuse me while I text my girl some nudes

    Talk Nerdy To Me:

    A Dude once wanted a beer

    He ended up here

    He had a few flights

    Ended the night in a fight

    And woke up with no underwear



    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10187 DaNile 72 9 1.000
    2 Jesus Is Coming, Grab A Towel 50 8 0.889
    3 18338 Eggplant 49 7 0.778
    4 15136 We Suck At Trivia 42 6 0.667
    5 15216 CharDeeMcDennis 34 5 0.556
    6 14787 The Kids R. Kelly Peed On 33 4 0.444
    7 18636 Talk Nerdy to Me 27 2 0.278
    7 The Piss Water Pirates 27 2 0.278
    9 13324 Super Troopers 25 1 0.111
    10 18009 Uniballers 22 0 0.000