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About The Dudes' Brewing Co.

With a focus on the Southern California lifestyle, our laid back approach to craft beer is seen in our personality, style and tasting room, but one thing that is always taken seriously is the brewing process. We plan to continue bringing great beers to everyone looking for a little slice of SoCal.



Thu Apr 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Ken Pierce

DaNile incorrectly doubled the first round, and and needed to play catch-up as We Suck At Trivia correctly doubled round two. Just The Tip also doubled round 2 putting them 1 point behind! Standings remained constant through round 4. In round 5, DaNile got their double and caught up with the pack, only 1 point behind We Suck At Trivia. A Team Has No Name also double round 5 and found themselves in 3rd place! We Suck At Trivia felt the heat and doubled round 6 to secure the win!

For the free pints round, we had Origami night! All teams took the first 3 rounds to make their best submission. Candice at the bar was the judge! We had many good pieces, but the Geometric Origami Ball from We Suck At Trivia took the prize. Check out some of the pieces above!

1st: We Suck At Trivia

2nd: DaNile

3rd: A Team Has No Name

Free Pints Round: We Suck At Trivia

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15136 We Suck At Trivia 72 9 1.000
2 10187 DaNile 58 8 0.889
3 15214 A Team Has No Name 51 7 0.778
4 Goonies 48 6 0.667
5 Team Discovery Channel 47 5 0.556
6 11500 Over The Hill (-1) 43 4 0.444
7 18813 Just The Tip 39 3 0.333
8 17361 The Vicious Wisches 35 2 0.222
9 Nepotism 30 1 0.111
10 18009 Uniballers 20 0 0.000