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    With a focus on the Southern California lifestyle, our laid back approach to craft beer is seen in our personality, style and tasting room, but one thing that is always taken seriously is the brewing process. We plan to continue bringing great beers to everyone looking for a little slice of SoCal.


    Thu Sep 19 2019
    | by Quizmaster Ken Pierce

    DaNile has been on a roll lately, so it was no surprise that an old nemesis showed up to spoil the party! Great Minds Drink Alike showed up to take on the challenge...and from the start it was GAME ON! Both teams doubled the first two rounds, and we knew it was going to be an epic match! Danile doubled round 3 to take the lead as GMDA did not, but got 5 points. Testing my Jinxing abilities, I mentioned on the mic that DaNile was perfect so far! Welp, it worked as DaNile guessed wrong on the "Guess Who" round. Unfortunately, GMDA also guessed wrong, keeping them seven points behind. Meanwhile, B Team was quietly catching up with a double of round 3, and 8 points for round 4! DaNile seemed to slam the door shut by doubling round 5. GMDA knew what they had to do, and doubled round 6. Danile got all the answers right for round 6, but DID NOT DOUBLE! Being 8 points ahead, Danile got 9 points in the final round. Great Minds Drink Alike doubled the final round, but guessed Edward VI & Edward VII instead of Edward VII & Edward VIII! Brutal ending to a classic battle! B Team was shocked when the final score was announced, and they were tied for third place with Eggplant! B Team must eat a lot of burgers, as they guessed closest to the opening year of In N Out! (Quality since 1948) 🙂

    1st: DaNile

    2nd: Great Minds Drink Alike

    3rd: B Team

    Free Pints: DaNile

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10187 DaNile 78 11 1.000
    2 13473 Great Minds Drink Alike 63 10 0.909
    3* B Team 51 8 0.773
    3 18338 Eggplant 51 8 0.773
    5 15214 BART, Beer Me 50 7 0.636
    6 22698 Jesus is Coming...Grab a towel 48 6 0.545
    7 The Daff 38 5 0.455
    8 18596 The Duke Silver Backing Band 34 4 0.364
    9 18009 Uniballers 29 3 0.273
    10 Not All Heroes Wear Capes 28 2 0.182
    11 Hello, We're Sober 16 1 0.091
    12 TTB 13 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker