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Mon Aug 6 2018
| by Quizmaster Brendan Milove

Hey Beautiful Federal People(Federilites? Federalists?),

It's me, Brendan. I'm back. I missed you so much. Did you miss me as much as I missed you? Not as much? Ok.

What a night of trivia at The Federal! Six, count 'em, SIX TEAMS hit double or nothings at some point of the evening, and multiple others got every answer correct in a round without the double or nothing wager. The night as a whole was filled with applause, corrections of my pronunciation on members of the Wu-Tang Clan, and a few unintentional misdirects by yours truly.

Not only did they get second place and get out with a hot $15 gift card to The Federal, but RIP Movie Pass also won a round of free drinks by sending one of their players to the front, who outlasted every one else and named the most Emmy nominated sitcoms in our drinking round.

In the end, Ragnorok ran away with it with multiple successful double or nothing rounds, and they were the only team to successfully guess Jackie Robinson in the Guess Who round after the first clue! Think you can beat Ragnarok? Come play some trivia with me and all my Federalianos every Monday at 8:30!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15186 Ragnarok 78 9 1.000
2 10669 RIP Movie Pass 61 8 0.889
3 10051 Trivial Pursuers 57 7 0.778
4 13935 Trivia Boyz 47 5 0.611
4 15712 The Bean Baggers 47 5 0.611
6 Vivian & Friends 36 2 0.333
6 The A Team 36 2 0.333
6 No Shitty Glasses 36 2 0.333
9 Formerly Known as D1 Athletes 20 1 0.111
10 Jarreauyourboat 16 0 0.000