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Mon Feb 18 2019
| by Quizmaster Beatrice Contreras

Tonight's crowd was playful and made my job incredibly easy. For tonight's drinking round, I asked everyone to write me a G-rated joke--something they'd feel comfortable telling both their 90-year-old nana and 9-year-old niece. I had such a hard time picking a favorite, but Surprise. Beans. won with:

"My friend couldn't pay his water bill... I told him to get well soon.

I know, I know... I hate dry humor too."

I also received a cute drawing of a Dementor from Azkaban, and supposedly the Girl Scouts of America have a cookie called "Gluten-Free BS". Good stuff.

Terence Jones and the Rockettes were great tonight--they double-or-nothing'd twice in a row! I've seen them a few times and they're always a great group. Yaasss Queens trailed close behind the whole game, and with a name like that, of course I was stoked to give them their prize.

We had a handful of newcomers tonight, and they were great sports! Hopefully you all will come back again, whether it's at the Federal or somewhere else around the city.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13194 Terrence Jones and the Rockettes 77 9 1.000
2 13341 Yasss Queens 65 8 0.889
3 18027 Ain’t a Bad Word Down Under 60 6 0.722
3 18028 O’Trivia Newton-John 60 6 0.722
5 14724 Surprise. Beans. 50 5 0.556
6 Anxiety Queens 47 4 0.444
7 15712 Blue Suede Sue's Shoes 36 3 0.333
8 18029 3 Mos and a Ho 25 2 0.222
9 Big Money 15 1 0.111
10 18030 Doobie Lovers 13 0 0.000