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Allen TX 75013
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  • Thursdays @ 7:30pm
About The Lion & Crown - Allen

The Lion & Crown Pub, an English-style pub with a large and varied menu, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. serving lunch, dinner and daily specials. The pub also offers a wide selection of fine wines and 38 beers on tap. Guests can watch sporting events on one of the many large TV screens or enjoy a nice night out on the patio. Different drink specials are available every day and live music on Friday and Saturday.



Thu May 17 2018
| by Quizmaster Louis Roth

As always, a wonderful time was had by all at the Lion & Crown in Allen last night. Eleven teams scrambled for admittance to the winner's circle. All were regulars or irregulars (we hadn't seen Guess-a-Lot in a while, and there they were!). The exception was a young couple who wandered over from their usual haunt, the sister pub, Lion & Crown in Addison. Interestingly, they had played King Trivia there, but never as a team before (or perhaps they had played as part of another team?). In any case, they named themselves We Couldn't Agree on a Team Name and registered as such. And while they reached no accord on a squad moniker, they certainly managed to get their quiz answers in line. This duo stole the lead with an early Double-or-Nothing and nearly took first place before getting knocked out in Round Six! Congratulations, WCAOATN!

THE WINNERS: Round Six separated the wheat from the chaff, as they say... Stealth Texas, under Matt and Tito's guidance, snuck into first place. Beer Logic won the tie breaker with Pickles on a Plate for second and third respectively. (It was the University of Chicago that caused the tie, so blame them!)

THE QUIZ: No one would have ever imagined that reading Anne of Green Gables might one day lead to answering a geography question about Prince Edward Island correctly, but it did! It was a little known legend that the mythical Huldufolk of Iceland were so named by Olaf the Red, when he awoke one night to find the enigmatic creatures in his backyard and he impulsively shouted, "Hey! Huldufolk are you?!?" Historians have firmly identified Deadwood as ground zero for foul language in the old west. Notre Dame, Brown and UCLA did not make the list, though many wanted them to.

Since it has been my lot to find,

At every parting of the road,

The helping hand of comrade kind,

To help me with my heavy load,

And since I have no gold to give,

And love alone must make amends,

My humble prayer is while I live,

G-d grant me worthy of my friends!


Have a great week, everyone!



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12021 StealthTexas 56 10 1.000
2* 11581 Beer Logic 55 8 0.850
2 11827 pickles on a plate 55 8 0.850
4 14871 Thirsty Thorsday 50 7 0.700
5 10300 Ninja Turtles 49 6 0.600
6 11504 Ship It 45 5 0.500
7 12732 Blood, Bath & Beyond 44 4 0.400
8 13725 Hilltoppers 37 3 0.300
9 13664 Bar Guys 36 2 0.200
10 12092 IFFY! 32 1 0.100
11 13844 Guess a Lot 21 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker