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    The Lion & Crown Pub, an English-style pub with a large and varied menu, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. serving lunch, dinner and daily specials. The pub also offers a wide selection of fine wines and 38 beers on tap. Guests can watch sporting events on one of the many large TV screens or enjoy a nice night out on the patio. Different drink specials are available every day and live music on Friday and Saturday.


    Thu May 24 2018
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    The teams at the Lion & Crown Public House in Watter's Creek appreciate the hard questions. They may not like them half the time, but they appreciate them. Getting a flavor for the taste of the crowd, when the diversity of knowledge spreads evenly, the challenge is immensely more palatable. And so it was last night at the old L&C with everything from history to math, all cleverly interspersed among the question sets.

    Perhaps the funniest moments were during the Visual Round Two, which this week challenged the players to identify famous people named Guy. And a varied lot it was, with Guy Fieri and Guy Fawkes in the same line up. (Well done, Quiz Writers!) The absurd and the desperate bubbled to the surface when the players couldn't put their finger on the correct name and started coming up with the likes of THAT GUY, BRITISH GUY, JAZZ GUY, SAME GUY, GUY SMITH, and GUY GUY... Style points were given for fun (but do not count towards winning, alas.)

    Twelve teams showed up and, as usual, three walked away with the top prizes. But what was interesting was that two teams were celebrating birthdays, which forced Quizmaster Lou to sing Happy Birthday... Twice! It was when Kito the bartender shouted out after my second, painful rendition that it was his birthday as well that I had to put my foot down. (There's only so much torture you can put your audience through!) Special mention to the Rockerfellers (a cute couple whose moniker is derived from the famous Center where their marriage proposal was made,) who came in late at Round Four, but wanted to play anyway because they enjoy the fun of the quiz!

    Shredder Squad (one of the birthday groups) showed up in force, their presence dominating the pub hall as well as their knowledge, Double-or-Nothing'd twice successfully into first position for most of the night, until they were unceremoniously unseated by Royal Flush in Round Six and maintaining their lead by a single point! (That's real drama, man!) So, the Squad got second and the scrumptious Pickles on a Plate took third.

    Quizmaster Lou's parting shot this week comes from Winston Churchill, who quipped, "I am ready to meet my maker. Whether my maker is prepared for the great ordeal of meeting me is another matter." Have a great weekend everyone!


    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 11586 Royal Flush 61 11 1.000
    2 11863 Shredder Squad 60 10 0.909
    3 11827 pickles on a plate 51 9 0.818
    4 11581 Beer Logic 46 8 0.727
    5 13725 Hilltoppers 44 7 0.636
    6 14871 Thirsty Thorsday 42 6 0.545
    7 13664 Bar Guys 38 5 0.455
    8 12732 Deadly Alliance 36 3 0.318
    8 12021 StealthTexas 36 3 0.318
    10 10300 Ninja Turtles 33 2 0.182
    11 12092 IFFY! 22 1 0.091
    12 14003 Rockafeller 20 0 0.000