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The Lion & Crown Pub, an English-style pub with a large and varied menu, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. serving lunch, dinner and daily specials. The pub also offers a wide selection of fine wines and 38 beers on tap. Guests can watch sporting events on one of the many large TV screens or enjoy a nice night out on the patio. Different drink specials are available every day and live music on Friday and Saturday.



Thu Nov 1 2018
| by Quizmaster Louis Roth

Ten teams. Eight vets. Two newbies. No waiting. That was the scene at the Lion &
Crown in Allen last night as competitors clashed in close combat to claim championship
kudos at King Trivia! No kidding!

Welcome to Walker Texas Rangers and The Louie's. Quiz Master Lou, named likewise, had a
moment of panic when team chief Louie walked up to hand his quiz page in during the Guess
Who Round because if two Louie's make contact in the same universe and one is composed of
anti-matter, a catastrophic implosion might occur cancelling out both entities and possibly
causing a chain reaction that would destroy both universes! Fortunately, both parties
must have been made of positive material as no such physics calamity occurred. Sorry,
but I think of these things.

Some interesting rounds this week. Even die hard Nick Cage fans had a tough time identifying
all his screen shots correctly. IFFY! guessed The Croods might be a movie called The Good
Dinosaur. And Face/Off was guessed as Face Lift. Also, Kick-Ass got theorized as Bad Karma.
All answers from the alternate universe. One note on Round Six, Match the Ingredients to
the drink... The bartenders were forbidden to kibitz and yet the teams that hung out at
the bar made their Double-or-Nothing's. Quiz Master Lou monitored that bunch closely, too.
There was no jiggery pokery going on. Drinkers drink and know their drinks and a cigar is
just a cigar ofttimes. 'Nuff said.

That said, have a marvelous weekend as we head into turkey execution month. Bye for now!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12021 StealthTexas 67 9 1.000
2 15385 Hooligans 58 8 0.889
3 16851 The Louie’s 53 7 0.778
4 16315 Smartasses 43 6 0.667
5 12845 Bastard Barristers 39 5 0.556
6 12732 Blood, Bath & Beyond 37 3 0.389
6 11581 Beer Logic 37 3 0.389
8 12092 IFFY! 31 2 0.222
9 16852 Walker Texas Rangers 24 1 0.111
10 13725 Hilltoppers 18 0 0.000