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    The Lion & Crown Pub, an English-style pub with a large and varied menu, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. serving lunch, dinner and daily specials. The pub also offers a wide selection of fine wines and 38 beers on tap. Guests can watch sporting events on one of the many large TV screens or enjoy a nice night out on the patio. Different drink specials are available every day and live music on Friday and Saturday.


    Thu Jan 3 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    So far, so good with our new 2019 year. At least, that was the mood at the pub last night
    as fifty-six souls divided into thirteen teams for King Trivia. Even the non players got
    into the act when one lady approached the stage during the Guess Who Round and tentatively
    leaned close to Quiz Master Lou to whisper her guess into his ear. Wrong guess, but right

    Blood, Bath & Beyond (with an assist from Ship It!) astounded by taking top honors with
    an incredible 65 point win, building their victory with two consecutive Double-or-Nothings
    in rounds one and two. The Lion & Crown saw the return of the Ninja Turtles with clan and
    baby; And, they returned to form with a 50 point second position.

    Kudos to Scott's Tots, who brought their "A" game and held a mean third place all the way
    through Round Five, only to get kicked back into a fourth place tie with Stealth Texas
    allowing team I Pooped My Pants (IPMP) to snag the tertiary prize. Welcome back to the
    Bastard Barristers, who brought along reinforcements. Also welcome back to the Shredder
    Squad, who were happy to be there but chagrined to score so low. Unusual for them.

    Best newbie team name goes to Ready Player Fun, who signed on and everything! Hooligans,
    IFFY!, Beer Logic, Pickles on a Plate and Team First Date, thanks for all you do! Keep
    the spirit going! QM Lou, signing off...

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 12732 Deadly Alliance 65 12 1.000
    2 10300 Ninja Turtles 50 11 0.917
    3 I Pooped My Pants 43 10 0.833
    4 15204 Scott’s Tots 41 8 0.708
    4 12021 StealthTexas 41 8 0.708
    6 11827 pickles on a plate 32 6 0.542
    6 12845 Bastard Barristers 32 6 0.542
    8 Team First Date 28 5 0.417
    9 15385 Hooligans 26 4 0.333
    10 11581 Beer Logic 24 3 0.250
    11 11863 Shredder Squad 21 1 0.125
    11 17396 Ready Player Fun 21 1 0.125
    13 12092 IFFY! 20 0 0.000