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    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
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    Unpretentious neighborhood bar with Karaoke, pool, shuffleboard, craft beer and cocktails!!!!


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    Wed Jul 14 2021
    | by Quizmaster Heather Clayton

    Ten teams took part at The Oaks this week, along with your substitute Quizmaster Heather.

    Chill Pollens and Three Cool Boys had a neck and neck night trading each other for the number one spot, until a successful double or nothing from Pollens in Round 5 helped set their trajectory to first place stardom.

    Lucky number Round 5 also brought in a sneak attack from Dilly Dilly, who were consistently in 6th place all game. A successful double or nothing shot them straight to second place where they stayed comfortably until the end, knocking Three Cool Boys to the third place spot.

    Dingleberry Farms, Cruisin For A Boozin, Ceviche, Vaxxed Waxed and Crackin Backs, California Dreaming and newcomers Titty Titty Gangbang managed the night with impressive consistency. While Late To The Party was, well, late to the party, they still managed to knock out some points during their play time.

    For the drinking round, one participant from each team was asked to place an Oreo on their head and, using only their facial muscles, move the cookie down into their mouth. While everyone gave an amazing effort, Three Cool Boys managed to complete the task in 15 seconds (twice as fast as second place), winning a spin on the drinking wheel for some free Sour Apple shots. Even better, the leftover Oreos provided a great snack for the other players and The Oaks staff.

    Thanks to all who played! Join us next week to play where your regularly scheduled Quizmaster should be back in action

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 29571 Chill Pollens 81 9 1.000
    2 13817 Dilly dilly 67 8 0.889
    3 21459 Three Cool Boys 54 7 0.778
    4 21822 Dingleberry Farms 51 6 0.667
    5 20070 Cruisin’ For a Boozin’ 46 5 0.556
    6 17544 Ceviche 43 4 0.444
    7 29570 Vaxxed, Waxxed, and Crackin Backs 35 3 0.333
    8 29539 Titty Titty Gangbang 25 2 0.222
    9 29575 California Dreaming 20 1 0.111
    10 29584 Late to the Party 10 0 0.000