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    The Oaks Tavern

    13625 Moorpark St
    Sherman Oaks CA 91423
    (818) 789-0401
    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
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    Unpretentious neighborhood bar with Karaoke, pool, shuffleboard, craft beer and cocktails!!!!


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    Wed Aug 4 2021
    | by Quizmaster Yael Tygiel

    With tempuratures outside in the triple digits, there was no surprise at the slow night at The Oaks Tavern, but the energy was high with 4 teams beginning the game and another one joining in round 3. By round 5 the bar was stuffed full of people.

    Titty Titty Gangbang and Secular Healing took early leads, and stayed there until the 5th round which saw Titty Titty's typo cause them to drop down to third place. 

    A musical themed drinking round asked teams to identify the title, artist, and year of release for the original Ghostbusters theme song. Secular Healing knew the correct answers before the first verse was over and won themselves a round of delicious shots. 

    As if that weren't enough for them, Secular Healing took first place with large lead, followed by Dilly Dilly and Titty Titty Gangbang

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10348 Secular Healing 74 4 1.000
    2 13817 Dilly dilly 58 3 0.750
    3 29539 Titty Titty Gangbang 44 2 0.500
    4 30943 Team Ouiid 29 1 0.250
    5 30923 Benny and the Jets 13 0 0.000