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    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:30pm
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    Unpretentious neighborhood bar with Karaoke, pool, shuffleboard, craft beer and cocktails!!!!


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    Wed Aug 25 2021
    | by Quizmaster Meghan Carvalho

    What a fun night of trivia at the Oaks Tavern -- home of the Valley's finest. Competition, comradare, enthisiasm, brainpower, filled the air. 

    I tested teams knowledge while they tested my ability to pronounce toungue twisters. As it turned out, the team with the most "w's" got the big "W" in the end. Wilwo Waggins remained in the lead through all 7 rounds with both successful and unsuccessful doubles. 

    But contrary to Ricky Bobby's belief, second and third place also participate in the glory. This week the difference between the prestigious bronze medal (bar tab) and a entusiastic high five was only one point. If only Genetics had studied up on their war movies.

    Spin the wheel! Spin the wheel! Less Awesome, More Sauced won the most important round of them all: the drinking round. They dazzled the crowd with a buzzer beater trick shot in honor of the late great Kobe Bryant. 

    Thanks to all for playing! See you next week!!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 32341 Wilwo Waggins 57 7 1.000
    2 26557 Where Is the Fire? 50 6 0.857
    3 11768 Less Awesome, More Sauced 37 5 0.714
    4 11923 Genetics 36 4 0.571
    5 32339 Eric Cartman’s Anal Probe 32 3 0.429
    6 29539 Titty Titty Gangbang 25 2 0.286
    7 16265 Glib Globs 19 1 0.143
    8 32351 Never Too Late 18 0 0.000