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8440 Balboa Blvd #101
Northridge CA 91325
(818) 830-3001
  • Tuesdays @ 8:00pm
About The Pizza Press - Northridge

The Pizza Press is elevating the ‘build your own pizza’ concept by creating an immersive environment filled with ambiance, service, and, of course, pizza. Our theme, inspired by 1920s Americana newspaper, harkens back to the industrialized era when newspapers were the foundation of the local community. We encourage you to craft your story by “publishing” a pizza or choosing one of our signature pizzas named after major American newspapers such as “The Times”, “The Tribune”, and “The Chronicle”, to name a few.


Founded in 2012 and based in Anaheim, California, The Pizza Press is a rapidly growing brand with over 30 locations nationwide.



Tue Mar 26 2019
| by Quizmaster Karen Fensterstock

Another lovely night in Northridge with lots of ups and downs, and in the end a POINT between first and second place!

Trivial By Nature did a stellar seagull impression-- winning them fabulous drinks which they SUPER generously gave away to Booch Patrol. Who says chivalry is dead?

Not me.

Cya next week!!



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14895 Oscar de la Bob 56 4 1.000
2 10016 Oxford Comma Sutra 55 3 0.750
3 Booch Patrol 46 2 0.500
4 The Young Ones 40 1 0.250
5 16700 Trivial By Nature 30 0 0.000