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THE PIZZA PRESS experience delivers delicious new creations, old classics, and the rare chance to create your very own pizza—prepared right in front of you! Families will marvel at our modern twist on the Roaring Twenties decor, complete with quirky newspapers from yesteryear. Whether you’re on the go, ordering in, or stopping by, discover how The Pizza Press is revolutionizing America’s favorite food.

In addition to “Publish Your Own Pizza”, our professional chef made sure to create eight delicious pizzas inspired by newspapers from around the country, including “The Times”, “The Tribune”, and “The Chronicle”. He also made sure we were in tune with current market trends, such as the use of fresh and nutritious ingredients in a fast, build-your-own environment. The result is a unique and newsworthy spin on one of America’s most popular foods.



Sun Sep 10 2017
| by Quizmaster Max Sopkin

It was another fantastic night of trivia at Pizza Press Pasadena; so many regulars came out to compete against their rivals.  Man of Steel Magnolias had great double downs and their African geography is unrivaled, easily handing them the gold.  KOTT and Garlic Starburst faced off in a tie-breaker for second, but the ladies of the Round Table walked away with it handily.  Pictures of Spider-man, who has not been seen for some time at PP, took the drinking round with their knowledge of famous families.  But I think the funniest moment of the night is that two teams showed up to support their buddy Alex during his birthday - Happy Birthday Alex! and Alex's Other Friends - and both teams got the same score! Purely as a matter of coincidence!  The entire restaurant erupted into laughter and applause when that was announced, because the sheer chances of that happening are just absurd and hilarious.  Kudos to all the trivia participants and happy birthday to Alex!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10016 Man of Steel Magnolias 67 10 1.000
2* 11081 Knights of the Trivia Table 63 8 0.850
2 11884 Garlic Starburst 63 8 0.850
4 10794 Moose and Squirrel 54 7 0.700
5 11608 Pictures of Spider-man 51 6 0.600
6 10899 Average Joes 44 5 0.500
7 12031 Dog Park 5 42 4 0.400
8 11079 Happy Birthday Alex! 36 2 0.250
8 11528 Alex's Other Friends 36 2 0.250
10 12377 The DG 34 1 0.100
11 Plumbus 24 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker